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Julius Jankauskas


  • Graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine as an Odontologist in 2004
  • Internship in the Vilnius University Hospital Žalgirio Clinic in 2005
  • Resident studies of oral cavity surgery in 2008
  • Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine: specialization of oral cavity surgeon in 2008
  • 9 years of experience.

Seminar participation:

  • The European Implantology Symposium in Germany in 2008
  • The European Face, Mouth and Jawbone Surgery Congress in Germany in 2007
  • The “Biohorizont” courses in Germany in 2006
  • Various courses in Lithuania during 2006-2008.

He continuously participates in various courses, qualification development trainings and seminars in Frankfurt on Main, Koln, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Radolfzelle and Olsberg in Germany, Bern and Geneva in Switzerland, Reykjavik in Iceland, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and New York and Chicago in the USA.


Fishing, travelling, windsurfing, do-it-yourself.