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Dental implantology and prosthetics clinic Dental P.R.O.

It all started in 2012, when a team of young specialists with over ten years of experience gathered together in order to establish a clinic with cosy, stress-free environment. As it has been proven by lots of scientific research, patients’ good mental health has a positive impact on their overall physical health. That’s why our goal is to ensure that clients aren’t just happy with the result of a treatment, but with a process of it as well.

Located in the center of Vilnius, Dental P.R.O. is a modern clinic where eight professionals focus on constantly improving their work and instead of offering the most expensive treatment plan, they always offer the one that suits a particular patient the best. Our clinic works in cooperation with Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund and allows clients to pay for services by installments.

Time to forget all the bad experiences you’ve had in a dentist’s office!

These are the services we provide

     Tooth prosthesis

     Tooth implantation






     Professional oral cavity hygiene

     Tooth whitening and bleaching

     X-ray examinations

The newest technology and treatment methods that are applied at Dental P.R.O. clinic meet the demands of modern medicine, as well as all the safety requirements, ensuring the highest possible service quality.